11 AM- 2:00PM Shirts & Skins With a diverse song list, Shirts & Skins hits all genres and musical tastes. Comprised of seasoned veteran performers from some of the most popular bands throughout Twin Cities and the Midwest, this 10 piece band will keep you singing and dancing throughout their high energy set.

2:30PM- 5:30PM Junk FM Can you say PAAARRRTY?! Genre-bending mashups and juxtaposing styles, Junk FM delivers an infectious, high energy show by a crack team of musician-performers who just wanna see how ridiculous the dance floor can get over the course of the night. From Garth Brooks to Lady Gaga in one slamming step, simultaneous Eminem and Green Day, Cee Lo Green meets Rod Stewart all while stealing your drink. Junk FM doesn’t care what your idea of a great night is - they’re gonna show you how ridiculous your party can be!

6:00PM -9:PM You Oughta Know Inspired by Alanis, The Spice Girls, TLC, and Weezer, this 90’s cover band will bring you back to holding hands while rollerskating with your grade school crush. Fun, energetic and engaging- you may find yourself saying “I forgot about that one!” and “I can’t believe I remember all the lyrics!”

All Day- Vintage vinyl music from Rockin’ Roller Record Bus will be rocking all day long